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KapitalBanc aims to create a stable white label token that is used universally to raise capital from assets. In order to achieve this goal, KapitalBanc needs both established crypto companies and businesses in need of capital to become partners/clients. For established cryptocurrency companies, KapitalBanc wants to wholesale KB-WLT tokens. They will then take the KB-WLT tokens, label them as theirs, and sell them or hold them as reserves. This also allows the tokens to hold their values due to the assets being backed by the tokens. This process is similar to a bank buying gold since the tokens maintain their value mirroring the price of the asset with a 1:1 fiat exchange ratio. Businesses also need to start adopting the KB-WLT token as the new way to raise capital in order to make the token universal. All businesses should be convinced that the KB-WLT token is the future. It makes it quick, easy, and inexpensive to raise capital from assets. Another benefit to businesses is that they can continue to profit off of the asset in the form of rent etc. By partnering with established cryptocurrencies, financial institutions, insurance companies, and businesses, the KB-WLT token can become the universal first choice way to raise capital from assets.