eMoney Wallet (eWallet)

eWallet is a valuable tool for your customers to eliminate the risk of carrying cash. It helps those without local bank accounts and allows them to keep money safe and pay bills more easily as well as budget more effectively. Plus, they only have one company to deal with – KapitalBanc!


KAPITALBANC eWallet facilitates your life

  • Possibility to send money at any time

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  • send money all over the world ( US, Europe, Africa, South America, Asia)

  • Worldwide currencies

  • Cryptocurrencies

  • eWallet own cryptocurrencies

  • Storage for pictures, passwords, notes, IDs, legal docs, etc.

  • Anti-fraud system

  • connections to Microsoft, Amazon, Google clouds

  • Worldwide utility bills payments

  • transferring funds to a friend or business associate’s account  immediately

  • variety of method to receive your earnings